What is the single biggest price you have as a Mainframe supervisor? Software licensing expenses – the standard costs needed to operate software program, and to get assistance if it breaks. This post presents ten methods to carry these costs down to earth.

Verify you truly want it.
Do not chortle. This appears obvious, but it really is only also straightforward for computer software that is no lengthier necessary to slip by way of the cracks. For case in point, you may possibly have some computer software that was initially needed for CICS apps that have given that moved elsewhere.

You might also have software accredited for all z/OS pictures, but only employed on one.

Check you truly use it.
As your Mainframe workload adjustments over time, it really is only way too easy for the use of a computer software item to quietly decline without Mainframe managers noticing. You may possibly be paying out hundreds of bucks for a merchandise that only a few of individuals are truly making use of.

You require to often analyse the utilization of your software, and plan the removing of any software no lengthier required.

Examine you never have two items doing the very same issue.
You could use all your software program, but have two software items doing the very same or similar purpose. You need to have to fully understanding your software program stock, and exactly how every single product is utilised.

Examine sub-capacity pricing.
Most software licensing fees are based on the measurement of each and every LPAR operating that computer software – the MSU ranking. You can uncover this value from the IBM site or a plan to get in touch with IBM’s IWMQVS provider.

A number of a long time ago IBM released yet another choice: Sub-Potential Pricing. This is where your software licensing charges are based on your CPU utilization, not on your LPAR size. So software working on a lesser-utilized LPAR will be cheaper. It also can make updates simpler to justify as you will not get strike by improved computer software expenses with the more substantial processor.

IBM just isn’t the only vendor offering Sub-Capacity Pricing. Other sellers this sort of as BMC and CA are also jumping on the bandwagon.

Reorganise your LPARs.
Several sites now run at minimum one ‘capped’ LPAR, indicating that the CPU resources obtainable to it are artificially capped using Workload Supervisor (WLM). Software that is charged on MSU ranking is run in this capped LPAR, decreasing fees.

Consumers of Sub-Ability pricing might think about performing the opposite: consolidating LPARs. This lowers CPU usage by decreasing the overhead of running a z/OS image.

Investigate related products.
Assess the price of competing merchandise, and take into account transferring to more affordable Real time school Bus Tracker ones. For case in point, SAS consumers may contemplate the SAS alternative solution WPS by Entire world Programming.

It truly is accurate that in some situations relocating to diverse products can be quite tough and costly. However it isn’t really essentially so, and many vendors offer migration resources to ease this soreness.

Tune your methods.
Tuning your techniques lowers CPU usage (very good for Sub-Ability pricing users), and delays upgrades to bigger processors.

Go off the Mainframe.
Mainframe CPU resources are pricey when compared with other platforms. So it may possibly be really worth contemplating migrating some of your workload. For example:

Computer software merchandise such as Tachyon Assembler Workbench and Microfocus Mainframe Express let you to execute Mainframe computer software growth on Home windows and UNIX platforms.
Some merchandise this sort of as Websphere Company Support Bus and CICS Transaction Gateway daemon run on equally z/OS and other platforms.

Some workloads could easily be moved to other platforms. SOA and relevant services now can make Mainframe services and data easier to entry from other platforms.

Improve your Mainframe.
For the past pair of zSeries processor generations IBM has been providing a ten% MSU ‘discount’. In other phrases, a z10 processor will have an MSU ranking that is around 10% reduced than an equivalent z9 processor. This interprets to software license price personal savings.

Commit in Speciality Processors.
IBM now provides Speciality Processors this kind of as the Integrated Info Processor (zIIP) and Software Support Processor (zAAP). These specific processors are not able to do ‘normal’ operate, but can be given specific perform by normal Mainframe processors. This can boost the efficiency of Java applications and other subsystems these kinds of as DB2. But the intriguing edge is that the operate carried out by these processors does not depend in the direction of your CPU use if you use Sub-Capability Pricing.

Numerous new software goods are also off-loading work on to these Speciality Processors, such as software program from BMC and CA.

It doesn’t get a rocket scientist to know that implementing any of these ten strategies is a big task, and needs to be carried out routinely. However you do have some equipment to make this less difficult.

Utilization Software program. IBMs Tivoli License Compliance Supervisor (changing Isogon SoftAudit for z/OS and Ubiquity Dorana) will automatically list all application installed, who uses it, and how often.
Safety Software. Mainframe stability computer software has services that can support you monitor software use. For example, enabling RACF plan control to log access to specific applications can inform you who is using a solution, and how frequently.
IBM. IBM provide a cost-free Sub-Potential preparing device to support you prepare for Sub Potential licensing.
Software program Vendors. Request them for data about computer software items you currently have, and alternatives they could have for your current computer software.

Your Programs Programmer. You key weapon in the struggle in opposition to application licensing charges. Systems Programmers put in and customise all your z/OS application, so they normally know what it does, and perhaps who employs it. They can also set up checking to figure out who is utilizing which software program and how usually, and will be your scout when searching for different computer software merchandise and freeware.

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