When is a “B” the 2nd ideal score that you can get? When it comes to Foo Kee Seafood Cafe! As in attaining the next highest rating ever accorded by The Chinese Quest that is! For the other cause that you could score a “B”, you may just have to verify out our Twitter feed, @TheChineseQuest.

After a two month hiatus, in the winter that seemingly will never ever stop in the New York Metropolis Metropolitan spot, the Mee’s strike the highway once again this evening. Having particular note of Mee Tsu Yan’s delicate intestinal fortitude, or absence thereof at this time, we purposely chose a Chinese restaurant of the Cantonese variety.

As soon as once more look for of the best Chinese restaurant all around we ventured forth yet again throughout the Nassau border in to Flushing, NY. At this position we have to take into account score Flushing restaurants on a different scale than Long Island dining establishments as is becoming apparent that Flushing dining establishments are now occupying 4 of the prime 5 places on our Quest to locate the ideal Chinese cafe on all of, umm, Extended Island.

Our spot was:

Foo Kee Seafood Restaurant

136-14 38th Avenue

Flushing, NY 11354

Our particular guest this evening was the most honorable Mee Har Vee, a world renowned wine connoisseur, or sommelier, a bon vivant, and an all around nice man. A real mensch, if ever we fulfilled one. A character. And boy do we know characters!

Darren was our host. I swear the man could have been in vaudeville! And what greater way to strike a chord with a Jew than getting humorous and personable. We were in for a true handle (which confident set, the “B” ranking that the Board of Wellness slapped on the cafe, our minds at ease).

We still left ALL of the purchasing to him… and we left the wine variety to Mee Har Vee… much more on that later on.

When Darren (we’re not really confident if which is his genuine title or a phase title) introduced out a few appetizers that integrated our staple of spare ribs (so so), crispy peking duck (yum-Mee), and a crispy hen dish, our food got off to a fantastic begin.

It was accompanied by Mee Har Vee’s 1st of 5 wine picks, named “Seven Daughters”. Now becoming that we have been 6 fellas, we have been a tiny perplexed. What was the extra daughter undertaking at our table? Then he explained the Seven daughters seafood restaurant Tobermory Ontario represented the 7 diverse grapes that were blended in to producing this most tasty white wine. There had been four other wines served. Beats me what they ended up referred to as. By then I was… umm, back to the review.

So, right after the appetizers settled properly in to our bellies it was time for Darren (that was his identify, proper?) to advise our entrees. There were 4 or 5 breathtaking alternatives served with some extraordinary sauces. Nothing spicy. But, quite succulent.

My favourite was the 5 pound lobster in garlic and ginger sauce.

There was some steak dice (kew?)… melted in your mouth. Scallops that ended up like butter. Another hen dish, and home unique fried rice.

Getting a correct, genuine, Chinese Cafe, there was no fortune cookies served for desert (so sorry, you are going to have to select your lotto figures from some other spot), but the sweetest juiciest oranges I’ve experienced in a long extended time.

There are virtually hundreds of Chinese dining places that you could go to in Flushing. This is one that you certainly never want to miss out on.

Humbly submitted for your usage,

-Lonnie Goldman aka Mee Magnum (“Chop! Chop!”)

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